Sunday, 11 September 2011

New School, New Phase!

Your boy is back and better! You might be wondering what I have been up to these past few months you haven't heard from me... Well, the answer simply is - A LOT! I mean, A WHOLE LOT! Yes siree, bob. Well, you see, change is the only constant thing in life. So, just to tell you bout some of it, I finished my UFP (Diploma II) in UNILAG, and am presently doing Cambridge A levels in Edgewood college. Being my first time in a traditional boarding school, I am going to be sharing much of my experiences with you. So, let the party get started.

Now, there's something I regret - I got here about a month ago, but I'm just beginning to post today! Anyways, I hope to make up for lost time, and sincerely hope you enjoy reading my EDGEWOOD DIARY. You'll find just a few pics to give you a feel of what's to come (and a crazy YouTube vid...)
That's our dear Mrs. Rich (Admin Officer/Moral Counsellor/House Wife-Mother-Guardian-All in one) at the beach party last term.
That's us at the museum

Boys in the MPH (Multi-Purpose Hall)

Our Very own Fake Oyibo! HAhaHA!

@ The Palms

Girls will be Girls

Don't look at their ugly faces - look at the logo! (just kidding)

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