Monday, 12 September 2011


I'm here again... Promised I would post today, so here I am again (that's a tautology). I had a long chat with Genesis this afternoon, and he told me a few stories that gave me goosebumps - literally. Here they are: enjoy!

A certain kid was in summer camp one year, and he was constantly bullied by two guys who constantly played practical jokes on him. One afternoon, he was sleeping in his cabin and he had a dream. He woke up and started narrating the dream to his camp master.

In his dream, the two bullies were being chased by a hungry wolf in the forest, and he saved them by feeding the wolf with cookies, giving them the opportunity to run away. Just as he finished narrating the dream, the boys came running from the woods at full speed. They were surprised to see him and asked how he had gotten back before them - wasn't he the one who had just saved them from the wolf? Surprised, he pulled his hands out from under the sheets and voila! the empty cookie wrapper was in his right hand!


Here's the second story:

A robbery occured in a store and the police rounded up a few regular offenders. They then arrested the guy they felt to be the culprit. He was handcuffed to a chair and tortured until his hands bled, and then released. Before he left, he stained the wall with his blood and cried - I'm not guilty!

A few days later, the Police man asked that the stain be washed off, but it didn't bulge. It was painted over many times before it disappeared. A few days later, it mysteriously reappeared on the wall and the officer tried to run out of the office, but the door was locked. He was found dead a few minutes later with blood stains from someone's hands around his neck - as if he had been strangled by someone with bloody hands!


Now, this was the creepiest!

A lady was going away to a summer home she was renting in the woods for quiet vacation. While driving, she bent down to pick something and almost ran into a boulder on the road, but she dodged it in time. When she got to the house, she collected the keys from the agent. That evening, she heard children playing and was surprised because there were no other houses around. She called the agent and told her about it.

The next morning, she heard the noises again and dhe went out to investigate. She saw some children playing and she chased them down to a stream. When she got there, she couldn't see them any longer. She returned home and spoke to the agent on phone about it agan. On the third day, she saw them in front of her house. They poited to a newspaper on the floor beneath her. She picked it up and looked at it and then they beckoned on her to follow them. She never returned.

The next day, when the agent came to check up on her, he saw the newspaper on the deck. It read that on the day she was coming to the house, she ran into a bus carrying twelve children and they all, including her, died on the spot!

(These are reportedly real life stories, but their truth has not been verified)

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